Je suis une jeune assistante-réalisateur, fraichement diplômée de 3is.

Dans cette école, j’ai pu m’exercer en tant que première assistante, seconde ou encore troisième sur des court-métrages ou clips. Mais j’ai aussi endossé d’autres rôles tels que chef décoratrice, directrice de casting, scripte et accessoiriste.

Plus récemment, j’ai eu la chance de participer à des tournages plus professionnels, toujours en tant que première ou seconde assistante. Exemple : "Mme Martial » de Lyes Belaidouni et bien sûr "Une symphonie de baisers" et "Canevas de libellules" de Pierre Gaffié

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Rebecca’s steady and diverse career continues to flow within interesting and unique fields and provided broad opportunities across multiple disciplines. Her humble career began in customer service, where she gained invaluable insight and life lessons from her early mentors. These lessons, the cornerstones have applied as Adjoint Administration Specialist / Executive Assistant to Directors and team trainer in a diverse array of programs in the fields of aerospace and astronautics engineering, education, and high-profile entities.

With little resources at her disposal, she feels it was divine guidance, through former bosses that saw specific talent in her that helped her venture out and become her own boss.

Certified as an International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) CAP-OM, (a designation in Organizational Management), her first try was at a start online copy-editing business that came about when a boss asked her to edit his doctoral capstone project. Having never edited a dissertation, she successfully copy-edited his study, and he received his Doctorate degree. This effort created a ripple effect which rapidly extended to businesses, international students and book authors and journal submissions.

Différent film productions provides a new and fascinating opportunity for her, filled with excitement, challenge, and intrigue, by assisting with U.S. publicity, sales, and distribution, and copy-editing film subtitles with North American English. Attending fabulous film festivals as a representative is a very special highlight, although she prefers the interaction minus the spotlight.

Another former boss coached her to become an independent Notary Closing Agent, where she assists local borrowers and nationwide lenders achieve their financial goals. As each day in this field is completely different from the next, it is always changing and never boring.

With several bookings daily, she’s always meeting someone new, going someplace new, and each client has their own special things they want to discuss or share during a closing. Surprisingly, borrowers often insist she take a gift of some kind, even though she humbly refuses with great honor, whether it is something fresh from their garden, a bottle of wine, and once, on a very special Christmas Eve, even a puppy who needed a home! 

An avid encourager, she again found herself working towards the success of others, which she loved, but she knew there was something more to do. About this time, in trying to do her work to the best of her ability, she realized she had a need for a product but couldn’t find it anywhere on the market. They say the ‘necessity is the mother of invention,’ and for her it proved to be true. She had no choice but to design and make the product herself and has worked years developing it.

Her main goals, other than to love her sons, was to be able to help provide them, and coming generations, opportunities to achieve their dreams, and devote time to help those in need, causes of a deeper legacy.

Well, it turned out that one product inspired another, and when all was said and done, nine products had been developed, for this specific venture anyway. Before she knew it, these products seemed to be able to cross industry and international lines, and could potentially help millions in their work, create new jobs, and change the way a few things are done that hadn’t been changed in centuries.

The significance to achieve production and sales on such a scale seemed to exceed her abilities, but, with further divine providence, a patent application was filed, pro-bono by a dedicated attorney, whom she can’t wait to repay in a meaningful way. The application was responded to as ‘including too many inventions in one application’ so they were separated, refiled, and she’s currently and anticipating issuance of three patents, expected soon.

What will happen next? She’s waiting on further Direction…

Much of her past life story, filled with astronomical odds, has been withheld for the moment, but likely to be expressed in the future.

The rest of her life story, well, it is still ‘in production’ as they say, and yet to be released…

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